Expander and Prosthesis

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Permanent Expander

Permanent expander, working also as a definitive prosthesis, has been developed to reach the goal of a "single stage" breast reconstruction. This kind of device has the drawback to have a stiffer look and touch. Women should consider pro and cons of this or of any other implant available nowadays.


Skin Sparing + Prosthesis

When using implants the best results are achieved if the plastic surgeon performs a “skin sparing mastectomy”, i.e. when the general surgeon, on the basis of certain clinical conditions, has performed a special type of mastectomy, removing only the mammary gland and leaving a certain layer of tissue underneath the skin, which is not gland.

In this way the whole skin of the breast mound is left in place and, when the prosthesis is inserted, the breast retrieves its volume and shape, and the scars end up in the inframammary fold.

An important aspect of this technique is that it can be performed in a single stage, i.e. without the use of an expander, because the skin does not need to be expanded and the prosthesis is isolated from the skin by an intermediate layer of adipose tissue and derma. The ability of the general surgeon in removing the whole gland is fundamental for obvious reasons.

In some cases though, the layer of tissue close to the skin is too thin and it is necessary to closely evaluate the  situation in order to avoid the risk of consequent superficialization of the prosthesis, showing distortion and wrinkles of the breast skin or, worse, “wearing out” and damaging the skin.

This technique is known as Skin sparing + prosthesis and it cannot be exempt from implant-related complications.


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