Contra-lateral Breast

About Contra-lateral Breast Adjustment

Sometimes, in order to achieve symmetry of volume and position of the breasts, a contralateral breast adjustment is necessary. However, in breast reconstruction with autologous tissues (DIEP) this is a minor issue if compared to reconstruction with expander and prosthesis.

Prof. Santanelli is undoubtedly the first surgeon to achieve contralateral breast adjustment immediately along with breast reconstruction, obtaining satisfactory results. This is possible whenever the diseased breast is reconstructed with autologous tissues. Such approach allows sometimes to reduce all surgical steps into a single procedure consisting in the mastectomy, breast reconstruction, nipple reconstruction, and contralateral breast adjustment.

At times this is also possible when mixed techniques, as Latissimus Dorsi flap with prosthesis, are performed, especially if there is a remarkable residual asymmetry at the end of the reconstruction.

This approach is less feasible in cases of breast reconstruction with expander and prosthesis.

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